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Copyright statement

Data in this section is made available to all, on the fundamental scientific principal that knowledge should be made available to all those who would benefit.  However, should any part of the data be used in a publication (commercial or otherwise) or for research purposes then it would be courteous to acknowledge the fact that the data was provided by the Hypogean Crustacea Recording Scheme.

Many of the records represent ephemeral populations of hypogean Crustacea, whose true habitat is in the water-filled rock strata surrounding the caves and well shafts etc.  Thus, it is felt that the impact from disturbance on many of the locations is likely to be minimal to the local populations as a whole.  However these organisms form part of a cryptic and unique biota and should be treated accordingly, such that their habitat and the species themselves should be disturbed as little as possible.  The simple key, notes, table and photographs in the species descriptions should hopefully provide enough information to attempt field identifications of specimens in caves.  However, records from wells and springs are more likely to present difficulties and are liable to require confirmation. The scheme co-ordinator would be happy to accept specimens for identification but the collection of such specimens should preferably be kept to a minimum.

Hypogean Crustacea Database (April 2023)